UPDATE: Tin Man Takes Turing Test: May Have A Heart

UPDATE (June 29, 2016): The results are in as June 27 and the machines won (at least in my case). NPR recently covered the Dartmouth Digital Arts Exhibition where computers and artists were contested to see if we could judge if it was the work of man or machine. I've taken the test and I … Continue reading UPDATE: Tin Man Takes Turing Test: May Have A Heart

The Talk Show: Words We Like To Watch

Television in its simplest form is a visual metaphor of communication. Who's saying what about who or what's being said about what are common questions that want answers. The conversations that matter most that go unheard or have never been had, need a voice. Television caters to an audience and transmits a message they want to … Continue reading The Talk Show: Words We Like To Watch

The Pistachio Is Lucifer’s Seed

  Food, it's one of the basic needs and functions that we're built for in this life; to consume, to replenish. Early on and so I'm told, since my memory doesn't fall anywhere prior to being four-years-old, I didn't eat most foods packed in my school lunches. Some salted and sugar snacks like pretzel sticks, … Continue reading The Pistachio Is Lucifer’s Seed

The Write Space and Where To Find It

WordPress recently posted a piece on bloggers' writing spaces. I wrote a research paper on spatiality, taught by Dr. Christian Beck, and his course gave much needed insight into the interactions and awareness of one's place in a space and space in a place. With that said, I'd like to add to the conversation regarding those in the humanities. Writers give birth to … Continue reading The Write Space and Where To Find It

David Shields’ The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead

  © 2016 davidshields.com, all rights reserved I was first introduced to David Shields by my Creative Writing professor Laurie Uttich. He recently attended the Master Artists-in-Residence, a program provided by the Atlantic Center for the Arts. I did not have the pleasure of going, but had Mr. Shields as a guest-speaker during one Spring semester lecture … Continue reading David Shields’ The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead

Why I Hate TV (For the Most Part)

"My living room didn't deserve this. So I did what was right." Growing up, the buzz and multiple personality disorder that was television never scarred me for years to come. The Saturday morning cartoons were one of the reasons I woke up every time at 9:00 AM (the others were Frosted Cheerios and my PlayStation … Continue reading Why I Hate TV (For the Most Part)

This Is The Story of A Girl

"True story." Who cried a river and drowned the whole world... well, something close to it. To spare you the clichéd, Nine Days reference, a more pressing matter occurred to me recently, more like a whole months worth, and I've noticed a few things. There is a specimen who I don't objectify in anyway and … Continue reading This Is The Story of A Girl

College: Week 1 – Survival

"How many stock photos are sincere you ask? I don't know either." College begins the time of your life, in a bout of four years or so. As highschool prepared you for the flashes of life before your eyes, college will be there too... with strobe lights. Forgive the hyperboles, but that was my thinking minus … Continue reading College: Week 1 – Survival

Wiggins’ Words’ Potential (YouTube Channel)?

"GIMP is a free image manipulation software and this is the product of that." Emphasis on "potential." Yes, I also find this incredible, because it probably is. I noticed that YouTube is a popular means of visual aid and as far as a blog can take its readers, a more eyes-on experience sounds not so … Continue reading Wiggins’ Words’ Potential (YouTube Channel)?